Frank & Ella Hatheway Labour Exhibit Centre

The Labour Exhibit Centre was opened in July 2007 with the purpose of displaying workers memorabilia and preserving, promoting and honouring the rich and long history of workers in Saint John.

The Centre is more than an exhibit centre, in that it is our goal to educate the public on the important role unions have played in the building of our city and the contribution that unions continue to make to the quality of the life we enjoy.

Labour History

The 1949 Canadian Seamen’s Union Strike

The story of the 1949 Canadian Seamen’s Union (CSU) strike is an appalling story in the history of the Canadian labour movement and indeed Canadian history in general.

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Percy R. Clark

He was ahead of his time, fearless, respected by all firefighters, a great person to work with and one of the top fire chief’s in the country. He was a firefighter who would go into dangerous places others would not dream of entering. These are just some of the words used to remember former Saint John Fire Chief, …

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Day of Mourning Ceremony

Saint John Labour holds an annual Day of Mourning ceremony on April 28 at the Day of Mourning Monument located at the Frank and Ella Hatheway Labour Exhibit Centre.

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The laborer stands at the portal of the 20th century knocking. His knotted, seamed fingers grasps his instruments of work, the product of centuries. He hears the words of the Magna Charta repeated, he listens to the sonorous sentences in the Declaration of Independence and he remembers the liberty phrases of the French Republic. All through the 19th century he watched the vast increase of wealth gained by his arm and skill, and now he stands at the gate of the 20th century crying. How long, O Christ, shall we wait for thy law to be understood?

W. Frank Hatheway, “The Cry of Labor” (1906)