Photo Galleries

2021 Day of Mourning

More than 25 wreaths were laid at the Monument.

Frank and Ella Hatheway Labour Exhibit Centre

Come on in and take the tour of our Centre. (19 photos)

Labour Day 2014

Parade and Picnic in Saint John, New Brunswick. (29 photos)

Labour Day Dinner 2013

NBFL 100th anniversary dinner. (18 photos)

Recognizing Ella Hatheway

Photos of the June 1st, 2012 ceremony of the unveiling of Ella Hatheway's portrait. (32 photos)

Unveiling the Day of Mourning Monument

The unveiling of a workers monument in Saint John, NB. April 28th, 2011. (18 photos)

Archival Photos

Here you will find an assortment of photos from the early 1900's. (22 photos)

1975-76 Wage and Price Controls

The fight against the Trudeau Government's Wage Controls. (10 photos)

No Candu for Argentina

Photos related to the No Candu Action from 1979 to 2010. (43 photos)

Saint John Labour Landmarks

Here you will find labour landmarks, located in various places around the city. (12 photos)